Excelling at Pointing Out the Obvious

Hey guys, Pumpkin here. Welcome to the epic and ongoing saga depicting how multiple book/movie/TV series have managed to completely take over my life.

30 Day TMNT Challenge

Day 30: Why you are a fan of TMNT

Well besides the fact that these guys are awesome in every shape and form, it’s the fact that the TMNT have been a constant throughout my whole life that makes me a fan. The franchise has been going strong for almost 30 years now with many incarnations of the series being developed over that time. I love how there are always new takes to the series, with each incarnation being essentially the same while having it’s little differences that makes each one unique. The great thing about this is that most people, at some stage in their lives, has been influenced by this franchise. Whether you watched the movies or TV shows, read the comics or played the games, these guys influenced many of our childhoods, including mine.